Arc 58 Summer 2007  13 dead poets you should know but don't

In This Issue

All the poets you will read about in this copy of Arc are dead. With each, a potential legacy has also died, or is in full-blown demise. Though ordinary mortality is beyond our powers to correct, we take issue, as our theme “Forgotten and Neglected” implies, with these secondary, literary deaths. We contend that each of the 13 poets whose work appears in these pages has received less credit than was his or her due for either literary accomplishments, the enrichment of our poetic history, or both. The contributions made by these poets have faded too quickly from our collective memory and seem doomed to archival obscurity, if that.

Arc 58 Includes:

  • Aislinn Hunter on Louise Morey Bowman
  • Asa Boxer on Avi Boxer
  • G. Kim Blank on Audrey Alexandra Brown
  • George Eliott Clarke on Cheng Sait Chia
  • Chris Jennings on Philips Child
  • Carmine Starnino on James Denonn
  • Christopher Doda on George Faludy
  • John Barton on Douglas LePan
  • Zachariah Wells on Kenneth Leslie
  • Matthew Holmes on Thomas D’Arcy McGee & Joseph Howe
  • Ronald Caplan on Paul Potts
  • Anita Lahey on Dorothy Roberts
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