A carved rock in a river with semi-opaque blue boxes on the top and bottom. The top box of text reads "Summer No. 101" on the top line and "Arc Poetry" on the bottom line.

Arc 101  Counting to Infinity: the Summer 2023 Issue

In the words of our outgoing Poetry Editor Sarah Tsiang, “this is an issue that will break you open.” From sad love songs to the world to insights on how poetry carries us through grief and loss, these poems travel to different places to settle next to each other on the page.

In This Issue

Arc 101 brings you:

  • Arc’s Poem of the Year shortlist—pick up the issue to see who took the grand prize
  • Essays from Nikki Reimer, Cara Violini, and Jérôme Melançon
  • Our former Poet-in-Residence Annick MacAskill in conversation with Phoebe Wang
  • Feature reviews by Sanna Wani, Carl Watts, and Tanis MacDonald
  • New translations of Annie Lafleur by Oana Avasilichioaei
  • Poems by Akshi Chadha, Y.S. Lee, Kayla Czaga, Molly Cross-Blanchard, and more
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