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Arc 100  Quantifying Creativity: the Spring 2023 Issue

Join us in celebrating Arc’s huge milestone — 100 issues of everything poetry.

To use the words of our Reviews Editor Emily Stewart, we “hope you consider the unrecorded, unquantifiable creative efforts that have gone into this issue and the ninety-nine before it. I hope you recognize the talent and labour that make this magazine happen. And I hope you realize, without any uncertainty, that one hundred issues of Arc Poetry would not have been possible without you, without the literary community that has grown alongside Arc.”

There are so many ways to celebrate a milestone such as this one. In this issue, we have emerging and established poets from across Canada and beyond, showcasing the vibrant world of poetry we are fortunate to live in.

In This Issue

Arc 100 brings you:

  • Our 2022 Diana Brebner Prize winner and honourable mention
  • New work from our 2021-22 Poet in Residence Annick MacAskill, and a selection of work by her mentees
  • New poems from Billy-Ray Belcourt, Lorna Crozier, Selina Boan, and more
  • Responses to poems previously published in Arc, including poems by rob mclennan on poems from Arc’s very first issue
  • Poems from Poets Laureate across Canada from coast to coast, including Vancouver, Ottawa, and Fredericton
  • Work from Parliamentary Poet Laureate Louise Bernice Halfe
  • A translation feature curated by Katia Grubisic, including new translations of Nicole Brossard by Erin Moure
  • New essays, including by Lakshmi Gill, one of the first women members of the League of Canadian Poets
  • Former Arc editors Frances Boyle and natalie hanna in conversation
  • Feature reviews that bring books previously reviewed in Arc into new conversations
  • Two How Poems Work columns by Bardia Sinaee on Sarah Venart and Eric Folsom on John Barton
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