Arc 103  Frock Consciousness: the Spring 2024 Issue

In 2023, Arc Poetry Magazine saw one of our biggest milestones, our 100th issue. With each subsequent issue, we’ve continued to think about poetry’s importance to our daily lives. Arc 103 introduces our new Poetry Editor, Jennifer Baker, who wrote about the role of poetry today in her first Editor’s Note: “the work of poetry shows us where we are; it imagines us above the labyrinth in which we are lost, shows us the problems and the solutions in their wholeness. It complicates; it welcomes.”

In This Issue

Arc 103 brings you:
  • The winner and honourable mention of our 2023 Diana Brebner Prize
  • Our 2022 – 2023 Poet-in-Residence feature, which includes poems from mentees over the year
  • A spotlight on Sue Sinclair through an interview with Rob Taylor and a How Poems Work column by Melanie Power
  • Poems by Gillian Sze, David Groulx, Lea Taranto, and more
  • An essay about poet Carolyne Van Der Meer by Téa Barrett
  • New reviews by Amanda Earl, Jason Heroux, Jane Shi, and Mark Frutkin

Join us in Ottawa at the Happy Goat Coffee Laurel Cafe on Tuesday, June 18, at 6:30pm for a launch of this issue and readings from some of the contributors.

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