Arc 99 Fall 2022  A Season of Gusto: Carolyn Smart, Carolina Corcoran, and Ronna Bloom

Arc 99 is here to celebrate the brilliance of poets across Canada and beyond.

Arc is headed to a huge milestone, as you can probably tell from this issue’s number. But before we reach the big one hundred, we want to celebrate the “brilliant work and thinking of poets across Canada and beyond.” This new issue is full of exciting poetry, essays, reviews, translation, and artwork.

As our prose editor Nancy Jo Cullen puts it, Arc Poetry Magazine is “not a money-making scheme that keeps us returning to the routine of poetry, but the love of the craft and our desire to nourish it.”

In This Issue

Arc 99 brings you:

  • New poems by Carolyn Smart, Ronna Bloom, Spencer Folkins, and Morgan English and more
  • Olive Andrews’ close reading of “Elsewhere” by Faith Pare
  • Rob Taylor in conversation with Matt Rader, and a new essay by Shane Neilson
  • Feature reviews of new poetry by AJ Dolman, Khashayar Mohammadi, and Dessa Bayrock
  • Luba Markovskaia’s translations of poetry by Francois Turcot
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