The cover of Arc #102, featuring a detail of a sculpture by Sharona Franklin. The text on the cover reads: "Disability Desirability Curated by guest editor Therese Estacion. Featuring new work by Latif Askia Ba, Brandi Bird, Seán Carson Kinsella, and more"

Arc 102  Disability Desirability: the Fall 2023 issue

In issue 102, guest editor Therese Estacion asks: “What do we make of a disabled body or, to use disability justice group Sins Invalid’s term, bodymind that desires? A body that knows all too well how it feels to be told that it has no business wanting for love, wanting for more.”

The poems and essays in this issue approach this question from all angles and “fill the space with their desirous voice.”

In This Issue

Arc 102 brings you:

  • Poems by Matsuki Masutani, Conyer Clayton, Jill Solnicki, Tyler Pennock, Lauren Turner, and more
  • New essays from Therese Estacion, Kelly S. Thompson, Olivia Dreisinger, Ash Hernandez O’Gorman, and Jenna McClelland
  • Translations of Sanni Purhonen and Alton Melvar M Dapanas
  • A feature review of the work of Latif Askia Ba by Amanda Leduc
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