Therese Estacion

hysterectomied woman (3)

hysterectomied woman,

                lie in bed, 
pretend it is still inside

slip reality on
       and off,

          listen to the sound 
               mute behind
your diaphragm

            in search of potential

      your body 

like the hysterics,

and in servitude to your 
       desires and deliverance

winged monarch 
winged moth 
winged virgin mouth

      do not question


Therese Estacion is guest-editing Arc 102: Disability Desirability, which will be released in the fall.

a Visayan person with long black hair, red lipstick and light brown skin smiles at the camera; her hair is all over the one shoulder and she is wearing a blue shirt and golden snake-head necklace.

Therese Estacion is part of the Visayan diaspora community. She is an elementary school teacher and is currently studying to be a psychotherapist. Therese is also a bilateral below knee and partial hands amputee. Her poems have been published in CV2 and PANK Magazine. Her first book, Phantompains, was published by Book*Hug, and is a finalist for the CLMP Firecracker Awards. She lives in Toronto/Tkaronto. [provided for the Disability Desirability call]

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