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Welcome to Arc Poetry

At Arc, we find the brave new voices. We feature poetry that is woozy, cunning, shearing and wildlike; and prose that offers new perspectives on the verse you thought you knew.

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One of the most widely read literary magazines in the country, Arc has a following composed of writers, poetry aficionados, academics and a general cultural readership. 

Who’s at Arc?

Chris Johnson | Managing Editor

|Manahil Bandukwala in front of a path with trees

Manahil Bandukwala | Coordinating Editor

[position vacant] | Digital Editor

Nduka Otiono

Jennifer Baker
Poetry Editor

Nancy Jo Cullen
Prose Editor

Emily Stewart
Reviews Editor

Contact us

Arc Poetry Magazine

PO Box 81060
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1P 1B1

Board of Directors

Nduka Otiono | President

Kayla Calder | Vice President

Alison Goodwin | Secretary

Dee Cao | Treasurer

Margo LaPierre | Board of Directors

Deborah Margo | Board of Directors

Danielle Richardson | Board of Directors

Jeffrey Richstone | Board of Directors

Lise Rochefort | Board of Directors

Editorial Board

Jennifer Baker | Poetry Editor

Nancy Jo Cullen | Prose Editor

Emily Stewart | Reviews Editor

Lise Rochefort | Associate Poetry Editor

Alison Goodwin | Associate Poetry Editor

Susan Gillis | Associate Poetry Editor

Rachel Fernandes | Associate Reviews Editor

Danielle Richardson | Spoken Word Editor

Deborah Margo | Visual Art Committee

Margo LaPierre | Newsletter Editor

Nina Jane Drystek | Editorial Board

Rusty Priske | Editorial Board

Contributing editors

Terry Abrahams | Katrina Agbayani | Marie-Andree Auclair | Lisa Banks | Elena Bentley | Ashley-Elizabeth Best | Tara Borin | Jenny Boychuk | Lara Bozabalian | Julia Bustos | Jake Byrne | Dylan Curran | Poonam Dhir | Wendy Donawa | Benjamin Dugdale | Alexander Duncan | Michael Edwards | Cara Evans | Doris Fiszer | Diane Guichon | Susan Haldane | Ren Iwamoto | Prachi Kamble | Margo LaPierre | Jade Liu | Callista Markotich | Sadie McCarney | Abby McIntyre-Tsiang | Pamela Medland | Amanda Merpaw | Anna Navarro | Alison Newall | Tyler Perry | Pearl Pirie | Walker Pityn | Leah Schnurr | Renee Sgroi | Kara Stanton | Candace de Taeye | Jean Van Loon | Mary Vlooswyk | Sanna Wani | Jaeyun Yoo

Production Team

Chris Johnson | Layout Artist and Production

Serge Duguay | Art Director

TricoPPS | Printer

TricoPPS | Mailing House

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