Arc 94 Spring 2021  Polymorphous per Verse

Welcome to the polymorphous per verse, a special issue of Arc devoted to poetry by trans, Two Spirit, non-binary and gender non-conforming writers.

In This Issue

In the words of issue 94’s co-guest editor Trish Salah, “we did not wish to prescribe or presume a thematics, poetics or politics— in different and overlapping ways Two-Spirit, non-binary and trans people know all about gatekeeping at the level of language: colonial tongues, pronominal and autobiographical imperatives, normative gender scripts, speaking privileges alternately contingent upon performing respectability, idealization or trauma – whatever calms the anxieties of a liberal, white, settler, and/or non-trans audience.”

And as co-guest editor Ali Blythe adds, “many people spend so much of their life figuring out the bodily form, coming to understand its right to existence, learning to move against a tide of cultural constraint that it takes up much of the time we have on this earth.”

So, get ready to dive in:

  • Hazel Jane Plante writes a love email to Kama La Mackerel’s ZOM-FAM
  • Suneela Mubayi translates songs by enigmatic Iraqi singer Masoud/a
  • Captivating artwork by Sybil Lamb
  • Poetry from CAConrad, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Arielle Twist, IAN MARTIN, River Halen Guri, and more
  • New reviews by Syrus Marcus Ware, Tanis Franco, Asher Faerstein and many others.
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