Arc 81 Fall 2016  Art in the End Times

In the Fall of 2016, Arc Poetry Magazine releases a disastrous special issue that explores the place of Art in the End Times!

In This Issue

This special issue of Arc contains poetry that witnesses the ruin of the earth’s climate, or ruminates on the loss of human life, or hopes for some change and saviour before human­i­ty’s complete and total collapse into oblivion. If you think that things can’t get any worse, Arc‘s “Art in the End Times” issue contains multiple predictions for what might come in our grim future.

Other uplifting content in Arc 81 includes:

  • Bren Simmers, Tanya Evanson, and Stephen Brockwell’s poetic confrontations of environmental disaster;
  • an essay on the apocalypse that Katherine Leyton sees us riding towards;
  • stunning visual art from David McMillan, Stéphane Gilot, Steven Orner, and Kelly Richardson; and,
  • a series of lists of books that Arc‘s staff and friends would bring down to the bunker in case of an impending apocalypse.
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