Arc 73: Canada’s Up-and-At-You Poetry Magazine

Emerging talents, ones-to-watch, and debuts. You’ll find them all in Arc’s up-and-comers issue, now on newsstands.
In this latest issue of Arc Poetry Magazine, some of Canada’s most established poets—award-winners…

Arc Poetry Magazine launches ‘The North’

The North issue—the 72nd in Arc’s long history of publishing the best of Canadian poetry—focuses on writing coming out of Canada’s high latitudes.
Writers from Labrador, Yukon, Northern BC and other points north…

Arc 71: The Big Reveal

The winners of Arc’s Poem of the Year Contest, including your Readers’ Choice!
The winner of this year’s Diana Brebner prize!
Poems by Tammy Armstrong, Dani Couture, Garry Thomas Morse, John Reibetanz, Peter R…

Arc 70: Canada’s Cracking, Shearing Poetry Magazine

Rob Winger is rounding first; Erin Moure makes the case for translation; Poems from Nicole Brossard, Jan Conn and David Seymour
Read an excerpt.

Welcome to Arc Poetry Magazine

For over 30 years, Arc Poetry Magazine has been bringing great poetry to readers in Canada and beyond. At Arc, we find the brave new voices. We feature poetry that is woozy, cunning, shearing and wildlike, and prose that offers new perspectives on the verse you thought you knew. We dig up the dead and the too-soon-forgotten. We tackle burning questions, and sometimes ignite them: What, say, is hockey poetry really about? What is with this ghazal fad? Would you dare to be the next Anon? When is a found poem a find, and when should it just be put back? Find out by exploring the wonderful world of words—with Arc!

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National Poetry Month: Moez Surani “The River in this Poem is Real”

THE RIVER IN THIS POEM IS REAL Here begins the greatness of the Nile. Fifteen miles farther, in the land of Alata, ... Continue Reading »
elizabeth bachinsky hottest summer poetry

How Could You Not Like Me?: Elizabeth Bachinsky’s The Hottest Summer in Recorded History

Elizabeth Bachinsky. The Hottest Summer in Recorded History. Gibsons, BC: Nightwood Editions, 2013. ~Reviewed by Jennifer Delisle “To dislike this poem, to ... Continue Reading »

National Poetry Month: Sebastien Wen “Welcome to the Cosmos”

Please enjoy this Arc exclusive audio recording of Sebastien Wen’s spoken word performance, “Welcome to the Cosmos!” Welcome To The Cosmos — Sebastien ... Continue Reading »

Polls closed for POTY Reader’s Choice

Let the counting commence! That’s it that’s all; the voting has officially closed for Arc’s Reader’s Choice Poem of the Year ... Continue Reading »
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