Arc Award of Awesomeness

Submissions due the last day of each month

In April 2020, Arc began a monthly prize – a 50/50 cash prize, a vintage object d’art (loosely interpreted) and the all the honour and respect that comes with winning the Arc Award of Awesomeness.

September Prompt:


Photo of Susan Gillis in front of a white background. Susan is wearing a blue-grey shirt, and resting her chin on her closed hand. Susan is looking at the camera with a smile.

The September contest will be guest judged by Arc’s Associate Poetry Editor Susan Gillis.

Keats’s autumn mists. Glück’s village leaf smoke. Oswald’s oceanic distances. Jimi’s purple, Taylor’s lavender. Deep Purple’s Lake Geneva (“We didn’t have much time”). Truthiness. Our times—especially our times.

This month as summer shifts into autumn, I’d like to read your poems about haze. What’s hazy for you right now? How or where does it show up in your life, your work, your world? What do you make of it? Take this in any direction you like.

Contest Guidelines

Past Winners

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