The Art Of Poetry, The Poetry Of Art.

Arc 77 Cover Final SMALL


Andrew Salgado’s artwork is fitting to Arc 77. Each of his portraits resembles a fine poem, the rhythm of brushstrokes, the rhyme of colours, the absorption and reflection of influences both classic and contemporary. And the originality. Salgado’s voice is clear, distinct.


Indeed, he has made quite a name for himself. A Canadian artist based in London, UK, Salgado’s exhibitions consistently sell out by the time the shows open. But he is no sell-out. He is a labourer of art, putting his heart and soul, his sweat, talent and perseverance to work in each piece. A poet, really.


And now he is venturing into new territory. His current show is one he, himself, has curated. “The Fantasy of Representation” opened at the end of July at BEERS London. Salgado not only creates art and now curates it, and he thinks deeply about art. In an essay, a manifesto of sorts, Salgado “puts forth a compelling and provocative argument for the validity of contemporary representational painting.


For more on Salgado, read JC Olsthoorn’s curated interview online in Numéro Cinq.


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