Jane Schapiro

Ode to a Simile

When I text you I am sad
and you text back you understand… 
you don’t.
When I text you that melancholy
keeps me in my room
and you text back you understand… 
you don’t.
when I quoted four lines I found
one sleepless night,
twelve words pressed
like leaves
inside a magazine,
when I texted you that I am

as lonely as
the only car
in a bowling alley
parking lot

you called. 

Note: Lines in italic are from “The Queen of American Gothic” by Richard Peabody


Photo of Jane Schapiro sitting on a grey couch with many pillows. Jane has her hands crossed with one hand resting on her knee. In the background is an overexposed forest, and in the foreground is a white flower.

Jane Schapiro is the author of three volumes of poetry, Warbler (Kelsay Books, 2020 Nautilus Award), Let The Wind Push Us Across (Antrim House 2017), Tapping This Stone (Washington Writers’ Publishing House Award, 1995) and the nonfiction book Inside a Class Action: The Holocaust and the Swiss Banks (University of Wisconsin, 2003). Mrs. Cave’s House won the 2012 Sow’s Ear Poetry Chapbook competition. Her work has appeared in numerous journals including Ars-Medica, The Gettysburg Review, Poetry East, and Prairie Schooner. Schapiro lives in Fairfax, Virginia and volunteers at Food For Others. Her website is www.janeschapiro.com. [provided for the Arc Award of Awesomeness in August 2023]

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