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Mary Trafford reads “A Drawing Lesson”

. A Drawing Lesson I remember the rules from childhood: blue sky above, brown earth below, colour in between, and, somewhere high up, a beaming yellow sun. I follow the rules, discarding all I have learned between the brown earth of childhood and the thin blue sky of now, try to locate the random specifics […]

Karen Massey reads “Mary Oliver in the Hereafter”

. Mary Oliver in the Hereafter I have walked back home, weightless beside a field of cosmos crowding ripe sunflowers. Tomorrow rests, set to go, brief as a match-head flare. Whether you waken hearing birdsong or feathery catastrophes, what do you bring to honour self in the process? Meanwhile, across the lake starlight slides into […]

Betty Warrington-Kearsley reads “Onsen in Izu”

. Onsen in Izu (Thermal Spas in Japan) We bow acknowledgement as we slip into the vapour veil of steaming baths, stripped to our glass biographies. Beneath the scrutiny of lowered lids rewritten history is curiously read from acres of an aging landscape well-weathered to a mature shape, the way hills round, valleys fill and […]

Conyer Clayton reads “Seeds”

. Seeds I pray to catch on fire, to get caught up in a lightening storm, burn my body back to earth. The woods are overcrowded. Stillness lost, boardrooms and clearings. We competed for the sun, reaching out for the last solar flare, arcing slowly over you lying still on the couch. Mortgage research and […]

Frances Boyle reads “Momentum”

. Momentum This trip makes your heart hurt, not that old slow ache, echoes of tires on wet pavement through an underpass, but palpable palpitation, crazed clock ticking sideways through time. A beam swings up a hill, makes sculpture of the clouds carve out the road bulky solid. Things you pass at the side but […]

Brandon Wint — ‘Radical Imagination’

The next issue of Arc Poetry Magazine is Arc 96: Islands of Influence, which was guest edited by the supremely talented Brandon Wint.

“it’s always bedrock” by Tawahum Bige, from Arc 92

. This is a performance by Tawahum Bige of their poem “it’s always bedrock,” included in Arc 92. . . Łutselk’e Dene, Plains Cree, Two-Spirit & Nonbinary poet, Tawahum Bige resides on unceded Musqueam/Tsleil-Waututh/Squamish territory. Featured in over 10 lit-journals including Prairie Fire, CV2, Grain, Plenitude and EVENT, their Scorpio- moon-ass poems expose growing, resisting […]

Lucia Misch — The Work Projects Administration

. “When it was decided that the theme issue of Arc this year would deal with Labour, I knew immediately that I wanted to spotlight this poem by Lucia Misch. It reminds us of a time when accomplishment could be purchased with a currency far greater than simple dollars and cents. Once you have watched […]

The American National Poetry Slam through the eyes of a Canadian Spoken Word poet!

  Jennifer Alicia is a queer, mixed (Mi’kmaq/Settler) spoken word artist originally from Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland), now residing in Tkaronto, Ontario. She is two time Canadian National Poetry Slam Champion and member of Seeds & Stardust: an Indigenous women’s poetry collective. Jennifer Alicia’s poetry tells stories of love and rage.

I’m Holding You To This by Mitchelos

SpokenArc is proud to share a new video by Mitchelos, a yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (maa-nulth treaty) artist based out of coast salish territories, host of the mixolos mitchtape podcast, and Canadian Festival of Spoken Word’s Rising Voice Poet of Honor 2017. This video highlights their work using an eerie, moody style that combines with his words and […]