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Topic: Quattro Books

Giving Voice: Gary Geddes’s The Resumption of Play

Gary Geddes has written a book of voices – voices often suppressed but always necessary – that he takes great pains to understand from inside their specific realities. When I say voices, I refer both to poetic and dramatic technique as well as to the tellers of extraordinary experiences that Geddes seeks out, hears, transcribes and fashions into poetry.

Irreducible Truths: Ian Burgha's Midnight

Ian Burgham, whose last collection appeared in 2012, has chosen an ideal title for his fifth book of poetry. Throughout its forty-five-poem length, this hard-hitting travelogue of the spirit addresses three mainstays of existence: we’re essentially alone, death is inevitable and relationships often break down. He opens with a poem of spousal betrayal set in Scotland and asks “what do we hunger for most— / truth or illusion?” Then we move on to “Istanbul” where, despite the exotic splendour of the place, “the heart’s attachments / can be dismantled.”