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National Poetry Month: Marilyn Dumont – "the land she came from"

the land she came from “If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows” Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800’s Candace Savage, Bird Brains, Vancouver: Greystone Books/Douglas & McIntyre, 1995. cree woman crow cree woman caw black shiny bird-woman crow and caw those who command you, “Go […]

National Poetry Month: Roo Borson "In April"

In April Out of the ordinariness of the day, a dog comes trotting, stops and shakes himself, and the leash that fastens him less to the one who holds it than to the plan for the afternoon: an hour of varied winds that stop and start in the mind of April, and the leash, and […]

An Emerging Connoisseur: Daniel Karasik’s Hungry

In his debut collection of poetry, Toronto playwright Daniel Karasik lays out an ambitious spread. Hungry is a feast – a table piled high with sushi restaurants and greyhound buses, locker rooms and microscopes. Karasik investigates aging and impermanence, his attention skipping ahead with the frenzied focus of the emerging connoisseur. Held up by a […]

Gaps and Gravity: Daniela Elza’s milk tooth bane bone

Daniela Elza finds voice in both the gaps and the gravity of language in her second book, milk tooth bane bone, an interconnected series of poems that begins with this startling image: The four titular nouns typify what I mean by gravity and gaps. Elza places these words side by side as effortlessly as setting […]

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