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Topic: Patricia Keeney

Starting Over: The Marta Poems by Susan J. Atkinson

“This is what you do. You start with nothing and make whatever you can. If you lose it, you start over and try something new.” These are Marta’s words, identifying the essence of her story, its stubborn resistance, its enduring persistence and relevance. Marta is the muse for Susan Atkinson’s new sequence of poems. The work grew slowly, painfully, lovingly out of their friendship and shared revelations, into a book that Atkinson hopes will lend “a universal voice for those who shared Marta’s path.”

A Loving Bond: The Long Bond: Selected and New Poems by Allan Briesmaster

Allan Briesmaster’s new volume yields the rich gifts of his long, involved bond with poetry. Behind his careful work pulses an instinct, both genuine and inevitable of a writer who sees poems everywhere, all the time.

Flexing the Poetry Muscle: Twitch Force by Michael Redhill

Engraved on every body and programmed to repeat, “twitch force” is a muscle’s “measurement of its energy potential,” so the back cover of Michael Redhill’s new volume tells us. Quirky, unaffected and completely at ease with itself, the whole book is a twitchy learning curve. Section headings alone—Astronomical Twilight, Chemical Drowsing, Core Sample—illustrate Redhill’s edgy range of call and response. While reading you inevitably increase your word horde. You find yourself looking up scientific terms for transformations of various kinds. You laugh. You learn.

Giving Voice: Gary Geddes’s The Resumption of Play

Gary Geddes has written a book of voices – voices often suppressed but always necessary – that he takes great pains to understand from inside their specific realities. When I say voices, I refer both to poetic and dramatic technique as well as to the tellers of extraordinary experiences that Geddes seeks out, hears, transcribes and fashions into poetry.

Rich Biodiversity in a Parallel Universe: Don Domanski's Bite Down Little Whisper

Effortlessly linking opposites, the poems in Don Domanski’s Bite Down Little Whisper share rare secrets of a larger existence that is usually blocked out by the diurnal noise and distraction through which most of us fret and hurry. Quietude lets the marvels in: “Quietude is called returning to life Lau Tze says” in “Ars Magica.” […]

Clarity from complexity: Rob Winger's The Chimney Stone

Rob Winger is a talented poet, a steely imagist with social conscience, political irony and acute intercultural awareness. In The Chimney Stone, he may also be a poet too easily seduced by the resonating lines of others. Attempting to wring clarity from complexity—personal, public and artistic, Winger incorporates song lyrics and memorable phrases from Adrienne […]

Poet vs. Poet online: Keeney on the 2010 GG shortlist

GGs offer dazzle vs. wisdom Feature Review ~ Patricia Keeney   Richard Greene. Boxing the Compass. Montreal: Signal Editions, 2009 Michael Harris. Circus. Montreal: Signal Editions, 2010 Daryl Hine. &: A Serial Poem. Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2010 Melanie Siebert. Deepwater Vee. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2010 Sandy Pool. Exploding into Night. Toronto: Guernica, 2009 […]