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Topic: Oolichan Books

Catch Your Breath: Susan Telfer’s Ghost Town

Susan Telfer begins her second book of poetry, Ghost Town, with a section that includes an inspired suite of poems. With writing that slips in and out of the mythical and the surreal, we quickly learn that the narrator isn’t really writing about the ghost towns that dot the back roads of British Columbia, but instead “your family,” with its “boarded up false fronts at the back of memory.”

The Poetry of Mortality: Evelyn Lau’s Tumour

Although Evelyn Lau’s Tumour is a solid poetry collection on a timeless topic, I’m inclined to warn anyone currently suffering from depression to avoid it. Lau’s collection cuts more keenly than much of Canada’s poetry of hurt, slicing through the tissue of artifice, into the marrow of pain.

Their Elephant is Longing for Hindustan: Nilofar Shidmehr’s Between Lives

Between Lives, Nilofar Shidmehr’s second book of poetry, is dedicated “to all who live a diasporic life.” Raised in Iran, now living in Canada, Shidmehr knows that life intimately, and explores its dimensions through finely crafted poems that pull the reader into a different world.