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Topic: National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month: Marilyn Dumont – "the land she came from"

the land she came from “If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows” Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800’s Candace Savage, Bird Brains, Vancouver: Greystone Books/Douglas & McIntyre, 1995. cree woman crow cree woman caw black shiny bird-woman crow and caw those who command you, “Go […]

National Poetry Month: Roo Borson "In April"

In April Out of the ordinariness of the day, a dog comes trotting, stops and shakes himself, and the leash that fastens him less to the one who holds it than to the plan for the afternoon: an hour of varied winds that stop and start in the mind of April, and the leash, and […]

Leah Hervoly’s “Red Truck”

The day I knew you died was the day my brother called and the day the cat left a half-eaten mouse on the front porch. Its tail was still there, and a little bit of pink intestine, like an exclamation mark. I swore silently. Trudging toward the back field that evening, (the mosquitoes were a […]

Julie Paul's "Spring"

In one part of the city, the circus is setting up, and the girls in strappy high heels are leaning over, and dirt is flying with every passing car booming gangsta rap. And in another, ten babies are crying into the same hot nursery air and flowers are being swaddled in cellophane and cheques are […]

Gregory Betts's "april is the cruellest month"

april is the cruellest month list the rue on this april’s cruellest truth sap its latest strut break its aprilest truth beat this truth through to its beauty treat it true break this this still cruelty till april’s truth is beauty and beauty truth this rasp is all that april shall ever trust no beauty […]

If National Poetry Month was April's umbrella

Arc Poetry brought you rain! Arc Poetry Magazine is happy to celebrate and honour National Poetry month—with you! Enjoy these spring poetic offerings, compliments of ARC:   April 1: Gregory Betts’s “april is the cruellest month” April 15: Julie Paul’s “Spring” April 29: Leah Hervoly’s “Red Truck”   watch the sky-screen take an umbrella   […]