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Topic: Mark Frutkin

Flashes of Literary Gold: David O’Meara’s Masses on Radar

In David O’Meara’s collection of poetry, Masses on Radar, every poem contains flashes of literary gold; not the gold of glitter but real literate gold, words in combinations never before seen but that shine with brilliance once revealed. By the way, the word “Masses” in the title does not refer to anything religious, but instead refers to the blurred images of our everyday reality that appear on the poet’s radar.

An Orgy of the Imagination: As Far As You Know by A.F. Moritz

The last line of A.F. Moritz’s poem celebrating spring, “Baltimore May 2015,” reads “in the orgy of imagination.” This is a perfect description of the book itself which visits a variety of themes and subjects in poems that are consistently well-crafted and constructed.

Haiku Juju Satori Delight: Mark Frutkin’s Hermit Thrush

What a breath of fresh air to find wit and joy working as wholehearted partners when they are too often posed as adversaries in our day-to-day culture. Instead, here, language is rigorously (and almost completely) cleared of pretense: spoken plainly, but sort of in the way that moonlight is sunlight: of course it actually is, and of course it actually isn’t. For instance, “In the Kitchen:”