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Topic: Marilyn Irwin

Hitting the Mark: Near Miss by Laura Matwichuk

Any book that opens with a quotation by Joy Division is probably worth investigating and Near Miss is no exception.

Nothing to Spare: Book of Annotations by Cameron Anstee

From his undergrad days at Carleton University (and the In/Words Magazine & Press trial by fire for all things literary) to his doctorate path with University of Ottawa, Cameron Anstee has dedicated most of his adult life to the crafting and understanding of poetry and the small presses who publish it. It is fitting, then, that Invisible Publishing, a small not-for-profit publishing company of Picton, Ontario, be the one to help bring Anstee’s work to the masses.

Offroading: The Path Taken in Terry Ann Carter’s On the Road to Naropa – My Love Affair with Jack Kerouac

For readers unfamiliar with haibun (phonetically pronounced “hi-boon”), it’s a form of poetry that pairs prose and haiku created by the famous Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō over 300 years ago. Terry Ann Carter’s well-informed history of writing and teaching various Japanese forms of poetry is evident in On the Road to Naropa; it is beautifully written and balanced within the constraints of haibun but also very accessible.

Love Poems: Lorna Crozier’s The Wrong Cat

Crozier’s bio reads like a Canadian poet’s wish list and her latest and 17th book of poetry, The Wrong Cat, is an achievement in and of itself.