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Quintessential Heroics: Crito Di Volta by Marc Di Saverio

Few are the poets who succeed in changing our perception of reality with their pansophy. Marc Di Saverio is one such poet. In his epic Crito di Volta, he has penned a work of unparalleled intellectual depth and poetic intensity, spanning the gamut of literature, philosophy, theology and science. Praised for its authentic poetic voice, Crito di Volta defies tradition, all the while encompassing it.

My Shard-Studded Clubfeet Blaze Me Astray: Marc Di Saverio’s Sanatorium Songs

It’s worth recalling that a poet’s biography is mostly irrelevant to his or her poetry. The success of Life Studies, for example, does not hinge on the auto-biographical bric-a-brac of Lowell’s personal experience, nor how accurately (or not) the poet manages to describe, say, the psychology of a mentally ill patient; the poems, when successful, […]