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Topic: Lori Cayer

World Happiness Report: Lori Cayer’s Dopamine Blunder

Lori Cayer’s smart new book, Dopamine Blunder, jumps and skitters across a cornucopia of poems in order to chase down, capture, and interrogate the one elusive rascal of the North American capitalist dream: happiness. Touching on the fruits of research from quantum mechanics to sociology and everything between, she begins in “Page Not Found” with “how do you know if you’re happy / if you’re not,” and continues her quest through found and erasure poems, lyrical poems, anagrams, and poems that play and sing with syntax and punctuation. Interspersed throughout Dopamine Blunder, Cayer’s third book of poetry, are indexes and formulae of happiness and wellbeing, reminiscent of Nikki Reimer’s lists of household expenses in DOWNVERSE.