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Topic: Kimmy Beach

Monumental into Personal: Alice Major's Standard candles

Standard candles is signature Alice Major poetry, and I say that in the most favourable manner. This work focuses on and develops Major’s career-long poetic concerns: how poetry intersects with science, mathematics, the lives of humans and the cosmos.

A tall order, but one of Alice Major’s strengths is her ability to introduce an idea as sweeping as ‘science’ and distill it down to a moment, a memory, an object. No one but Major could have written this book: in a way no other poet consistently does, she grasps the edges of the universe and pulls it into a headlock.

here is cinema/here is cinema*: Stephen Scobie’s At the limit of breath: Poems on the films of Jean-Luc Godard

Stephen Scobie’s newest collection is a chronological, poetic study of the films of French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. And like the work of the man about whom Scobie writes, the book is pleasingly esoteric and sharply focussed. Claustrophobia is a feature of Godard’s films, in which there is often an extended scene within a tight, domestic […]