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A Human Miscellany: Jesse Patrick Ferguson’s Mr. Sapiens

Jesse Patrick Ferguson’s third poetry collection, Mr. Sapiens, is a determinedly random miscellany of poems (topics include migraine, drones, Tim Hortons, a mangled bicycle, the butterfly effect, the ultrasound of a son, to name a few). There is some appeal in this, as you can read out of order, grazing as you will, and most readers will find something to enjoy, whether it’s the whimsical mapping of human physiology onto the frame of an abandoned bicycle or an ekphrastic take on Bernini or Klimt. And many of the poems contain a charming quirky humour combined with darker elegy. Take, for example, “Grave Rubbing”:

Happy New Year from Arc

Pantoum for the New Year ~ Jesse Patrick Ferguson Regret’s no more than a dropped-pin sound among the massed voices of the world. The big ball drops and drops: electric let-down. Common boys crawl inside bottles or common girls and together baste in their syrupy desires. Among the massed voices of the world, among the […]