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Topic: Jean Van Loon

Poetic Tools Well Wielded: This Was the River by John Pass

This Was The River is the twentieth book published by John Pass. The collection consists of lyrics, usually not more than a page and a half, shaped mostly into couplets or tercets, for an airy, spare feel. In the collection—often within a single poem—Pass weaves his preoccupations with writing (his own and others’), family, aging, and the state of the natural world. The work’s meticulous technique reflects his deep experience.

Contemplation for the Unchurched: Years, Months, and Days Amanda Jernigan

Amanda Jernigan’s small and beautiful book should be on your bedside table even if it is as heaped as mine. Just 4” by 5” and fewer than 70 pages, the book consists of untitled, spare, and simply-worded poems which evoke the cycles of life, the seasons, and human longing for meaning and connection. The poems expand in your head, opening your mind to matters beyond the day-to-day.

Their Elephant is Longing for Hindustan: Nilofar Shidmehr’s Between Lives

Between Lives, Nilofar Shidmehr’s second book of poetry, is dedicated “to all who live a diasporic life.” Raised in Iran, now living in Canada, Shidmehr knows that life intimately, and explores its dimensions through finely crafted poems that pull the reader into a different world.