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Scrying for identity and the future in uncertain waters: Night Lunch by Mike Chaulk

“I await, still my great white-bear,” Chaulk begins Night Lunch, a somewhat rambling examination of self-identity while working aboard a freight-and-passenger ferry serving isolated Canadian communities. Introspective about the past, present, and future, and his Indigenous roots, Night Lunch is a vicarious trip. In this travel-limited era, it’s a great hook. Chaulk’s strongest stanzas delve past superficial workaday rapport, hinting at the mythopoetic. Chaulk seeks the same certainty of self that Thomas Wolfe described in Look Homeward, Angel about Americans being clearest about who they are while journeying.

A Visceral Transcendental Quest: Cult Life by Kyeren Regehr

Reading Kyeren Regehr’s Cult Life feels like hearing a friend explain their abusive relationship, a conversation starting with Irish Breakfast Tea but likely ending with whiskey or wine. At 104 pages and with 61 poems set in Avenger/Baskerville typeface on quality paper stock, Cult Life is a troubled beauty of three parts. By Part II, the reviewer understood what the poet was doing. The key turned in the lock. Kaleidoscopic, phantasmagoric, spiritual refrains and perspectives resolved into a pattern. Regehr’s themes of dislocation, transcendent light, judgement and sensuality reverberate throughout.

Arc in Transition

Arc Poetry Society, the publisher of Arc Poetry Magazine, is sad to announce the departure of Monty Reid from his role as Managing Editor. After six strong years, Monty is stepping aside to focus on his writing and other projects. The entire Arc Poetry Society board and editorial team wish Monty all the luck and […]

Some Monsters are Beautiful: K. I. Press’s Exquisite Monsters

Exquisite Monsters, K. I. Press’ fourth poetry collection, muses on birth, parenthood, depression and suburban life. Ostensibly described as pop-culture-meets parenting, Press’ pop references are the side dishes as often as they are the main course.