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Topic: Inanna

Grief Like Water: Rayya Liebich’s Min Hayati

In Min Hayati, Rayya Liebich honours her mother’s life and death, recalling her own experience of both. Most compellingly, she writes about what it is like to keep living after the death of such an influential and well-loved figure in her life, using an approach that explores grief with honesty and openness.

Simple Truths: The Dowager Empress by Adele Wiseman

Primarily known for her work as a novelist, fans of Governor General’s Award-winner Adele Wiseman may be surprised to learn of her posthumously published poetry collection, The Dowager Empress. It was rare for Wiseman to share her poetry while she was alive, but editor Elizabeth Greene writes in the book’s introduction that she felt this side of Wiseman needed to be shared, despite the risk of publishing works Wiseman may have considered unfinished.

Historical and Personal: Vancy Kasper’s Rebel Women

Immerse yourself in Rebel Women and experience both Toronto’s Rebellion of 1837 and the death of Vancy Kasper’s friend, poet Ayanna Black. The first section of Kasper’s book enlivens the Rebellion through historical, sensory and familial details so that readers live through the privation, persecution, grief and, above all, resilient courage that plants Kasper’s own […]

Addictive: Katerina Fretwell’s Class Acts

I’ve always preferred lyric poetry, and these poems are anything but. The stanzas are straightforward, the breaks seemingly arbitrary, the momentum dependent on strings of substantives cascading down a rough bed. There is hardly any imagery. The lines are abbreviated, the matter presented in chunks without articles, so condensed that reading them is like cutting […]