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Topic: Harry Thurston

Calling Through the Cold: Allan Cooper and Harry Thurston’s The Deer Yard

Given the immensity of Canada’s geography and the breadth of its poetic styles, it’s surprising that poetic correspondences, such as the one between Allan Cooper and Harry Thurston, don’t occur more frequently. The Deer Yard is a verse exchange that invokes the Wang River Sequence between 8th c. Chinese poets Wang Wei and his friend […]

Arc up for two National Magazine Awards!

With its partner in Quarc-ey folly The New Quarterly, Arc is up for two National Magazine Awards. Harry Thurston (“Ova Aves”) and Matthew Holmes (“The Failing of Purity”), whose poems were published in the science-themed Quarc issue (Arc 66, summer 2011), are finalists in the poetry category for the 35th annual National Magazine Awards. Congratulations […]