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Topic: Gary Barwin

Sketching “A Glimmer of that Majesty”: Swoon by Elana Wolff

Attentive to the mysteries of their worlds, the speakers in Elana Wolff’s sixth poetry collection, Swoon, incarnate the same sensual curiosity that characterized the author’s previous collection, Everything Reminds You of Something Else (Guernica, 2017). While that title announced Wolff’s penchant for allusive expression, Swoon suggests the affective experience centred in her searching, spiritual lyrics.

nightlack / grieflung: A Cemetery for Holes by Tom Prime and Gary Barwin

At first glance, A Cemetery for Holes may not attract too much attention to the intricacy of collaborative communication, but upon closer inspection a Lichtenberg pattern of trauma burns itself into the margins of each page. Tom Prime weaves a narrative of trauma as Gary Barwin’s poetry acts as a convex mirror for Prime’s distorted self-portrait.