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Topic: Diana Brebner Prize

Announcing the 2022 Diana Brebner Prize Winner and Honourable Mention!

Winner: “Curfew” by John Geddes

2022 Judge Bardia Sinaee had this to say:

“’Curfew’ stands out for its lucidity and mystery. Rifles are being handed out, lines are being drawn. The light has been shattered, so we have to rely on what we can hear: the rasp of metal being dragged across asphalt, a boy’s voice straining for a man’s pitch. The details are so granular, yet there is a dreadful ambiguity here. The scene is placeless, timeless, and unforgettable.”

An excerpt from “Curfew”

Again with nightfall stones fly here and there,
one lucky throw nailing a porch light, its
warm cone inhaled up into the nostril
where the struck glass shattered; the filament,
drenched in oxygen, drowns like a kitten.

John Geddes is an Ottawa writer who has tried his hand at lots of different kinds of writing. As a political journalist, he’s won National Magazine Awards and Harvard’s Nieman Fellowship. His novel “The Sundog Season” won the Ottawa Book Award. Last year, he picked up a Digital Publishing Award for a personal essay about the Nazi past of a Viennese painting in the National Gallery’s collection. Most recently, the Irish literary quarterly The Moth published one of John’s short stories.

The 2022 Diana Brebner Prize is extending its Deadline by One Week!

Send your poems to Bardia Sinaee until Sunday, September 11th!

Announcing the 2021 Diana Brebner Prize Winner and Honourable Mention

Winner: “Kaytlyn invites me to a party” by Dessa Bayrock

2021 Judge Sheniz Janmohamed had this to say:

“’Kaytlyn invites me to a party’ has such a strong poetic voice and I feel as though the poet is speaking directly to me. A very grounded, vulnerable and human voice. There are questions waiting for answers, like the eyes of a friend glaring at me for a response or some reassurance. The poet seamlessly interweaves the motifs of rosehips and cicadas with their own inner state. Such an unexpected metaphor, and there’s a beautiful quirkiness about it!”


Dessa Bayrock lives in Ottawa with two cats, one of whom is very loud and almost always nearby. She used to fold and unfold paper for a living at Library and Archives Canada, and is currently a PhD student in English, where she continues to fold and unfold paper. She has two chapbooks with Katie Stobbart: The Trick to Feeling Safe at Home (Coven Editions, 2021) and Worry & Fuck (forthcoming from Collusion Books). You can find her, or at least more about her, at, or on Twitter at @YoDessa.

The Diana Breb­ner Prize Deadline has been Extended until September 10, 2021!

The 2021 Judge for the Diana Brebner Prize will be…

Sheniz Janmohamed!

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Announcing the 2019 Diana Brebner Prize Winner and Honourable Mention

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