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Topic: David Kosub

On Julie Bruck's "Sex Next Door"

Julie Bruck is that increasingly rare poet who insists upon using the poem, first and foremost, as a vehicle for communication and upon using it well. I love the compassion she feels for the people in her poems – again, a rare quality, and rarer still for being authentic. All of it is grounded by careful attention to how a poem can be made to communicate so that emotion no longer belongs exclusively to the poet but is transpersonal, evoking compassion in the reader, too.

On Charles Bruce's "Back Road Farm"

Choosing to live a life on land instead of on or near the sea is a common theme in several poems from Charles Bruce’s 1952 Governor General’s Award winner [_The Mulgrave Road_]. Bruce is never entirely clear about why a life on [_terra firma_] should be privileged over one lived on water, but what is […]