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Topic: Book*Hug Press

Not The Picture of Saintly Acceptance: Phantompains by Therese Estacion

Many writers have tried to write about pain, or the difficulty of writing about pain. Phantompains, while not a meta-text that directly addresses these difficulties, nevertheless creates frameworks to talk and write about this sensory experience.

Piekuakami (The Lake): Spawn by Marie-Andreé Gill tr. Kristen Renee Miller

“Almost always, the ouananiche/survives the spawning.”

Intersection of Trauma and Desire: I Am A Body of Land by Shannon Webb-Campbell

Shannon Webb-Campbell’s poem “Their World View is a New Home in an Ancient Land” includes a wry opening stanza: “if you think you can hold dominion over flora and fauna, / that a body and life can be property, / you’d better try buying a constellation.” More importantly, it is the source of the book’s title, and appears right in the middle of I Am A Body of Land, which gives readers a clear heads-up; this is the fulcrum point.

When “The Spring Light is Like Glass”: Ledi by Kim Trainor

The archaeological excavation of a 2000-year-old woman (possibly a storyteller or shaman) in Siberia named Ledi, and an urgent excavation of the death of a former lover by suicide, are the focus of this fascinating and enigmatic book.