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Topic: Ayaz Pirani

“The whole description is fiction.” The Bones Are There by Kate Sutherland

In her second collection of poems, The Bones Are There, Kate Sutherland shows how the real is made mythic by its disappearance and questions whose purpose this mythos is serving. Her poems unearth this fact: the scientific is folkloric. Expertly crafting scientific and first-hand source material, she calls into clear view the myth making nature of historical “fact” and the efficacy of conservation science when serving a colonial philosophy.

Undoing Orthodoxies: Kabir’s Jacket has a Thousand Pockets by Ayaz Pirani

Ayaz Pirani’s book Kabir’s Jacket has a Thousand Pockets is a collection of creative, intellectually flexible poems inspired by ginans, a kind of Indian devotional poem, in the contemplative tradition of Ismaili hymns and songs. Pirani writes supplications, laments, and parables in a form meant to be memorized and sung. While ginans are normally written in Indian languages, these English-language ginans explore diverse cultural terrain ranging from Sufi parables of birds to Western pop culture. The poems are not hermetically sealed off, instead requiring interpretation.