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Lost and Found Poet #2: Avi Boxer

Avi Boxer: 1950s Montreal East-end Poet and Protégé of Irving Layton
Rediscovered by Avi Boxer’s son, Asa Boxer.
Avi Boxer was a Montreal East-end poet who flourished during the 1950’s literary foment alongside A.M. Klein, F.R. Scott, Louis Dudeck, Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen. In his review-essay of _No Address_ (Avi Boxer’s only collection of poems), Asa Boxer discusses the successes and failures of his father’s work in the context of The Montreal School of the past and of today. “The Branch from which I Fell” is an essay that works to define a branch of the Montreal School and its ambitions, struggling to establish the author’s own place within the nascent tradition. Boxer’s evaluation of his own father’s work is at once respectfully honest and movingly heartfelt.