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Topic: Anne Carson

On Anne Carson's "First Chaldaic Oracle"

The detached voice in contemporary poetry demands attention. It reflects a stay against the complex, paralyzing contradictions of life. There is a progression of detachment, an increasing withdrawal of self into the pure act of seeing. Some might ask, how else to respond to the perceived, spinning vacuum at the core of the cosmos? In the multiple, dissolving planes of Anne Carson’s poetry–at her most playful, tantalizingly out of reach–we come upon a trajectory that is emblematic, if not definitive of the age.
In “First Chaldaic Oracle”, a poetic manifesto, Anne Carson examines the relentless pursuit of what remains forever out of reach. Her questing but playful voice, sounding through the architectural layering of tercets, captures the continual striving toward meaning, the poet’s elusive, shape-shifting art.
She sets the bar high, to an occult art, defining the challenge of her perspective–that one may move so far in and out, that there may be no self, only the dissolving state of perception itself. “There is something you should know / And the right way to know it/ is by a cherrying of your mind.” …