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Topic: Amelia Eqbal

Gourmet Ginger Ale and Modern Ails My Heart Is a Rose Manhattan by Nikki Reimer

Concerned with the disease of modern life, Nikki Reimer’s poetry collection, My Heart Is a Rose Manhattan, thinks honestly about the different ways we experience connection, grief, and womanhood in the urban centers of today.

From One Treaty Person to Another: Treaty # by Armand Garnet Ruffo

A finalist for the Governor General’s Award, Armand Garnet Ruffo’s latest poetry collection Treaty # sees the artist and scholar thinking back on the lives of his Ojibwe ancestors, the state of affairs for Indigenous Peoples today, and the treaties that changed everything.

Simple Truths: The Dowager Empress by Adele Wiseman

Primarily known for her work as a novelist, fans of Governor General’s Award-winner Adele Wiseman may be surprised to learn of her posthumously published poetry collection, The Dowager Empress. It was rare for Wiseman to share her poetry while she was alive, but editor Elizabeth Greene writes in the book’s introduction that she felt this side of Wiseman needed to be shared, despite the risk of publishing works Wiseman may have considered unfinished.