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Topic: Amanda Jeysing

Of Laughter and Healing – A Hilarious Approach to Indigenizing & Reconciliation: awâsis – kinky and dishevelled by Louise B. Halfe – Sky Dancer

Award-winning Cree poet Louise B. Halfe – Sky Dancer tells the stories of awâsis (which means illuminated child), weaving tales of child-like humour and Indigenous resistance in her latest collection of poetry, awâsis – kinky and dishevelled. The Cree language has no pronouns for gender, so the shape-shifting awâsis is simply allowed to be and to play in their complexity—as a trickster, a healer, a joker, a nuisance, and an inspiration. Halfe prioritizes the authentic expressions of awâsis regardless of the confines of language or respectability, revealing an unapologetic mischievous trickster of an alter ego.