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“Apology to an Estranged Friend” by Julie Berry, from Arc’s 2022 Shortlist

“Apology to an Estranged Friend” by Julie Berry

“Aubade in Yesterday’s Dress” by Amanda Merpaw, from Arc’s 2022 Shortlist

“Aubade in Yesterday’s Dress” by Amanda Merpaw

“my brother, aging in reverse” by Brandi Bird, from Arc’s 2022 Shortlist

my brother, aging in reverse for Tanner  if prison is a country, let it break open like a clock on the hour. an escape of green eyes taken like child support, german-headed, and arguing for the past. innocence has nothing to do with it. my brother, born at the edge of summer, totters and falls. our mother screams […]

The July Award of Awesomeness!

Win a vintage ‘object d’art,’ our 50/50 cash prize, and all the honour and clout that comes with being an Awesomeness Winner—by entering Arc’s July Award of Awesomeness! spacer spacer       The July contest will be judged by Arc’s Coordinating Editor, Manahil Bandukwala!       spa cer spacer The July prompt is: […]

“BRAIN SPIKE FOR THE SECOND MOUTH” by Cassandra Myers, from Arc’s 2022 Shortlist

BRAIN SPIKE FOR THE SECOND MOUTHMost fish are killed the same way. Latticed from the water. Ice-bedded and left to open their gills to an empty so final it crushes the wedding arch within them.The hook hasn’t discovered yet if and how fish feel pain, but it’s confirmed, with a mouthful of lox, that fish […]

“A Thirst-bot named Istiqfar” by Khashayar Mohammadi, from Arc’s 2022 Shortlist

“A Thirst-bot named Istiqfar” by Khashayar Mohammadi