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The May Award of Awesomeness!

Win a vintage ‘object d’art,’ our 50/50 cash prize, and all the honour and clout that comes with being an Awesomeness Winner—by entering Arc’s May Award of Awesomeness! spacer spacer   The May contest will be judged by Arc’s Poetry Editor, Sarah Tsiang! spa cer spacer The May prompt is: “in fine form” “This month, […]

The Border Terrain: Rob Taylor interviews Sadiqa de Meijer

Ancestor vs. Ancestor – Sadiqa de Meijer The darkness then was darker than we know; it never left the corners of a room, rose velvetly from cellars, where it blinded the potatoes— like curd it formed a film on wooden spoons. Grains of darkness clustered between brothers. Dark moisture kept the cabbage leaves apart. All […]

Mary Trafford reads “A Drawing Lesson”

. A Drawing Lesson I remember the rules from childhood: blue sky above, brown earth below, colour in between, and, somewhere high up, a beaming yellow sun. I follow the rules, discarding all I have learned between the brown earth of childhood and the thin blue sky of now, try to locate the random specifics […]

Arc’s 2022 Poem of The Year Shortlist

From this shortlist, we are asking you, the readers, to pick your favourite poem and vote for it to be the Readers’ Choice Award winner. The poem with the most votes will receive the $250 Readers’ Choice Award.

Could you be Arc’s fourteenth virtual Poet-In-Residence?

Arc Poetry Magazine is now accepting applications from candidates wishing to be Arc’s next Poet-in-Residence! The 2022/2023 program year goes from November 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023.   Please Note: this project is pending funding and subject to change. Arc Poetry Magazine reserves the right to cancel or modify this program without further notice. […]

Karen Massey reads “Mary Oliver in the Hereafter”

. Mary Oliver in the Hereafter I have walked back home, weightless beside a field of cosmos crowding ripe sunflowers. Tomorrow rests, set to go, brief as a match-head flare. Whether you waken hearing birdsong or feathery catastrophes, what do you bring to honour self in the process? Meanwhile, across the lake starlight slides into […]

The April Award of Awesomeness!

Win a vintage ‘object d’art,’ our 50/50 cash prize, and all the honour and clout that comes with being an Awesomeness Winner—by entering Arc’s April Award of Awesomeness! spacer spacer   The April contest will be judged by Arc’s Spoken Word Editor Rusty Priske! spa cer spacer The April prompt is: “Baseball” “A new baseball season […]

“Dear Piano,” by Oleksii Buznitskyi

The following poem was written by a 16-year-old Ukrainian student, Oleksii Buznitskyi, from Kyiv, Ukraine. He plays the piano and attends Matrix Academy, a virtual synchronous school in Toronto, in addition to his Ukrainian school, in order to receive dual high school diplomas.

Matrix Academy hosted poet Alice Burdick through Poetry In Voice‘s Poet in Class program. In her workshop, Oleksii wrote a poem about his experience fleeing his city under open fire, and he also wrote about the heart wrenching experience of having to say goodbye to his piano. Oleksii has been forced to leave the Ukraine for his safety, but he continues to study for both of his high school diplomas during this violent invasion of his country. 


Betty Warrington-Kearsley reads “Onsen in Izu”

. Onsen in Izu (Thermal Spas in Japan) We bow acknowledgement as we slip into the vapour veil of steaming baths, stripped to our glass biographies. Beneath the scrutiny of lowered lids rewritten history is curiously read from acres of an aging landscape well-weathered to a mature shape, the way hills round, valleys fill and […]