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Patrick Lane's The Quiet in Me
Circles of Life and Death:

Patrick Lane's The Quiet in Me

The voices of Patrick Lane “fugitive, celebrant, anguished witness,” heard loud and clear in his 1978 Poems: New and Selected have not diminished. The Lane I first knew tough and tender, a maverick poet bruised by grief, softened by compassion for life in every form, elegiac for creatures and cultures lost can still be found in this posthumous collection. Through his own magic realism Lane transforms rugged specifics into parallel worlds. “Road Crew August 1956” takes us back to youthful swagger: “lounging in the machine’s shade…lank penis in his hand,/ pissing by the ditch where the grasses lie flattened and black,” aiming at a stag beetle under sun and sky. “It’s Finally Friday” loads giant firs into a boxcar, “belling” against the steel wall. The poem bristles with work, crew hijinks and masculine swagger. A grin from “Jimmy’s sister” touches ecstasy, the whole poem exploding in the exclamation, “Christ, I was young then.” Read More
Betsy Warland's Lost Lagoon/lost in thought
Lost wor(l)ds:

Betsy Warland's Lost Lagoon/lost in thought

Betsy Warland’s Lost Lagoon/lost in thought is an elegant and bittersweet entry in the renowned Canadian feminist writer’s body of work. Warland refers to the book as “an elegy” (“#51/August 2018: Once again, ‘Very High Health Risk’ air”) for a lagoon that was not really “lost,” but “destroyed” (“#50/It is human nature to walk in circles when”). Read More
Healing in the Modernist Multiverse:

Triny Finlay's Myself a Paperclip

How do you incorporate the essence of your poetic forebears to heighten a new work without intruding on contemporary narratives? This question is answered eloquently in Triny Finlay’s new collection of poems, Myself a Paperclip. Finlay captures the stigma of mental illness and its treatment in her own words with the support of allusions that provide the reader other texts that fill out the psychological grounding/tradition of the narrator. Read More



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A. F. MoritzAs Far as You Know Reviewed by Mark Frutkin Adèle BarclayRenaissance Normcore Reviewed by Carl Watts Armand Garnet RuffoTreaty # Reviewed by Amelia Eqbal Ayaz PiraniKabir’s Jacket has a Thousand Pockets Reviewed by Rabea Murtaza Brandon WintDivine Animal Reviewed by Kate Rogers Cicely Belle BlainBurning Sugar Reviewed by Adebe DeRango-Adem Conor McDonnellRecovery Community Reviewed by Josh Stewart Danielle JanessThe Milk of Amnesia Reviewed by Frances Boyle David LyMythical Man Reviewed by Jake Byrne Deborah-Anne TunneyA Different Wolf Reviewed by James Moran Diana HayesGold in the Shadow: Twenty-Two Ghazals and a Cento for Phyllis Webb Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford Dominik ParisienSide Effects May Include Strangers Reviewed by Khashayar Mohammadi Doris FiszerLocked in Different Alphabets Reviewed by Liam Burke Douglas Burnet SmithBurden Reviewed by Keith Garebian Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynchknot body Reviewed by Asher Faerstein Emily Skov-NielsenThe Knowing Animals Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford Erín MoureThe Elem:ents (Nam:loz) Reviewed by Jay Miller Fred WahMusic at the Heart of Thinking Reviewed by Geoffrey Nilson Helen PosnoWater from the Well Reviewed by Amanda Hale Jessi MacEachernA Number of Stunning Attacks Reviewed by Sarah Pinder John Emil VincentGanymede's Dog Reviewed by Eimear Laffan John Wall BargerThe Mean Game Reviewed by Jay Miller Joseph A. DandurandSH:LAM (The Doctor) Reviewed by Kim Trainor Jude NealeThe River Answers Reviewed by Bonnie Nish Kama La MackerelZOM-FAM Reviewed by Hazel Jane Plante Kate SutherlandThe Bones are There Reviewed by Conyer Clayton
Lauren TurnerThe Only Card in a Deck of Knives Reviewed by Tanis MacDonald Liam Burke and Natalie Hannamachine dreams Reviewed by Olive Andrews Lily WangSaturn Peach Reviewed by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch Lindsay B-eThe Cyborg Anthology Reviewed by Eliot Gilbert Lorna Crozier, Peter Coffman and Diane LaundyThe House the Spirit Builds Reviewed by Keith Garebian Louise B. Halfe - Sky Dancerawâsis - kinky and dishevelled Reviewed by Amanda Jeysing Marc Di SaverioCrito Di Volta Reviewed by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews Marie-Andreé Gill tr. by Kristen Renee MillerSpawn Reviewed by K.B. Thors Mike ChaulkNight Lunch Reviewed by James K. Moran Nancy LeeWhat Hurts Going Down Reviewed by Carolyn Nakagawa Nikki ReimerMy Heart is a Rose Manhattan Reviewed by Amelia Eqbal Pearl Piriefootlights Reviewed by Rachel Fernandes Peter JicklingDowntown Flirt Reviewed by Jordan Prato Rob TaylorThe Green Waves Reviewed by Jay Miller Sarah DowlingEntering Sappho Reviewed by Margaryta Golovchenko Sarah de LeeuwOutside, America Reviewed by Kim Trainor Shannon Webb-CampbellI Am a Body of Land Reviewed by Kathy Mac Shaun RobinsonIf You Discover a Fire Reviewed by Michael Edwards Steven HeightonSelected Poems 1983–2020 Reviewed by Keith Garebian Susan J. AtkinsonThe Marta Poems Reviewed by Patricia Keeney Teva HarrisonNot One of These Poems Is About You Reviewed by Paisley Conrad Therese EstacionPhantompains Reviewed by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch jaye simpsonit was never going to be okay Reviewed by Tanis Franco stephanie robertsrushes from the river of disappointment Reviewed by Ruth Daniell On the Poetics of Feelings Fierce Inventory

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Laura MatwichukNear Miss Reviewed by Marilyn Irwin Lauren Carter Following Sea Reviewed by Jessica Rose Lucas CrawfordThe High Line Scavenger Hunt Reviewed by Sanchari Sur M. Travis LaneA Tent, A Lantern, An Empty Bowl Reviewed by Kim Fahner Marilyn Gear PillingThe Gods of East Wawanosh Reviewed by Jan Conn Matthew TierneyMidday at the Super-Kamiokande Reviewed by Kim Trainor Mercedes Engmy yt mama Reviewed by Carolyn Nakagawa Michael RedhillTwitch Force Reviewed by Patricia Keeney Miller AdamsFolding Laundry on Judgement Day Reviewed by Frances Boyle Nasser HussainSKY WRI TEI NGS Reviewed by Margaret Christakos Noor NagaWashes, Prays Reviewed by Khashayar Mohammadi Penn KempRiver Revery Reviewed by Katerina Vaughn Fretwell Randy LundyField Notes for the Self Reviewed by Susan Gillis Richard SangerDark Woods Reviewed by Luke J Frenette Sachiko MurakamiRender Reviewed by Khashayar Mohammadi Shane NeilsonNew Brunswick Reviewed by Keith Garebian Sonnet L'AbbéSonnet's Shakespeare Reviewed by Kim Trainor Tammy ArmstrongYear of the Metal Rabbit Reviewed by Margaryta Golovchenko Titilope SonugaThis Is How We Disappear Reviewed by Jordan Prato Tom Prime and Gary BarwinA Cemetery for Holes Reviewed by Khashayar Mohammadi ed. Amber Dawn and Justin DucharmeHustling Verse: An Anthology of Sex Workers’ Poetry Reviewed by AJ Dolman rob mclennanA halt, which is empty Reviewed by Kim Fahner


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A. F. MoritzSequence Reviewed by Alison Goodwin Andrea MacPhersonEllipses Reviewed by Carole Mertz Austin ClarkeIn Your Crib Reviewed by David Swartz Brian BartlettRinging Here and There Reviewed by Barbara Myers C.R. Avery Some Birds Walk For The Hell Of It Reviewed by Lori Garrison Cassidy McFadzeanHacker Packer Reviewed by Robin Richardson Catherine GrahamHer Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects Reviewed by Anouk H. Henri Claire CaldwellInvasive Species Reviewed by Lori Garrison David ZierothAlbrecht Dürer and Me Reviewed by Cora Siré Deanna YoungHouse Dreams Reviewed by Al Rempel Dennis Cooleyabecedarium Reviewed by AJ Dolman Don ColesA Serious Call Reviewed by Michael Greenstein Elizabeth GreeneUnderstories Reviewed by Tiffany Moniz Ella Zeltsermansmall things left behind Reviewed by Barbara Myers Erina HarrisThe Stag Head Spoke Reviewed by Al Rempel Garth MartensPrologue to the Age of Consequence Reviewed by Zachariah Wells George Elliott ClarkeTraverse Reviewed by Roy Wang Gillian WigmoreOrient Reviewed by Marilyn Irwin Jalal BarzanjiTrying Against to Stop Time Reviewed by Kimmy Beach Jamie SharpeCut-Up Apologetic Reviewed by rob mclennan Jan ZwickyVittoria Colonna: Selections from the Rime Spirituali, English Texts Reviewed by rob mclennan Jane MunroBlue Sonoma Reviewed by Marilyn Irwin Jeff LatosikSafely Home Pacific Western Reviewed by Allison LaSorda Karen EnnsOrdinary Hours Reviewed by Michael Greenstein
Kayla CzagaFor Your Safety Please Hold On Reviewed by Phoebe Wang Ken BabstockOn Malice Reviewed by David Swartz Kerry-Lee PowellInheritance Reviewed by Phoebe Wang Len GaspariniMirror Image Reviewed by Patricia Keeney Liz HowardInfinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent Reviewed by E Martin Nolan Matthew ZapruderSun Bear Reviewed by Christopher Doda Naomi GuttmanThe Banquet of Donny & Ari Reviewed by Peter Richardson Patrick FriesenA Short History of Crazy Bone Reviewed by Harold Rhenisch Patrick LaneWashita Reviewed by Anouk H. Henri Priscila UppalSabotage Reviewed by Jennifer Delisle Rachel ZolfJaney’s Arcadia Reviewed by Shane Rhodes Rita Bouviernakamowin’sa for the seasons Reviewed by Marilyn Dumont Robyn SarahPause for Breath Reviewed by Carmine Starnino Roland PrevostSingular Plurals Reviewed by Nina Jane Drystek Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Ball, ed.Why Poetry Sucks: An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry Reviewed by rob mclennan Sarah LangFor Tamara Reviewed by Emily McGiffin Sarah Yi-Mei TsiangStatus Update Reviewed by James K. Moran Shoshanna WingateRadio Weather Reviewed by Emily Davidson Sina QueyrasMxT Reviewed by Stephen Brockwell Stephen BrockwellComplete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books Reviewed by Jesse Patrick Ferguson Stephen Collis and Jordan ScottDecomp Reviewed by rob mclennan Susan PaddonTwo Tragedies in 429 Breaths Reviewed by Brenda Leifso Tom WaymanWinter's Skin Reviewed by Heather Spears Wanda Praamsmaa thin line between Reviewed by Jean Van Loon

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Adrienne WeissThere Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore Reviewed by Kimmy Beach Al RempelThis Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For Reviewed by Harold Rhenisch Allan Cooper and Harry ThurstonThe Deer Yard Reviewed by Phoebe Wang Ann ShinThe Family China Reviewed by Phoebe Wang Anne MichaelsCorrespondences Reviewed by Emily McGiffin Anne-Marie TurzaThe Quiet Reviewed by Jean Van Loon Barry DempsterInvisible Dogs Reviewed by JM Francheteau Carmelita McGrathEscape Velocity Reviewed by Zachariah Wells Daniel Karasikhungry Reviewed by Emily Davidson Daniela Elzamilk tooth bane bone Reviewed by Al Rempel David Helwig and Michael Ondaatje (Editors)The Essential Tom Marshall Reviewed by Andrew Johnson David O’MearaA pretty sight Reviewed by Zachariah Wells Don DomanskiBite Down Little Whisper Reviewed by Patricia Keeney E. D. Blodgettas if Reviewed by Harold Rhenisch Elizabeth BachinskyThe Hottest Summer in Recorded History Reviewed by Jennifer Delisle Fionncara MacEoinNot the First Thing I’ve Missed. Reviewed by Emily Davidson Jay MillArTimely Irreverence Reviewed by rob mclennan Jeffery DonaldsonSlack Action Reviewed by Jim Johnstone Joanna LilleyThe Fleece Era Reviewed by Al Rempel Joanne ArnottA Night for the Lady Reviewed by Andrew Vaisius John BartonFor the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin Reviewed by The Changed Meaning of Love: JonArno LawsonEnjoy it While it Hurts Reviewed by Marilyn Irwin Jordan Abelthe place of scraps Reviewed by Margaret Christakos Jude NealeA Quiet Coming of Light Reviewed by Norma Dunning
Juleta Severson-BakerIncarnate Reviewed by Harold Rhenisch Kanina DawsonMasham Means Evening Reviewed by Christopher Doda Katerina FretwellClass Acts Reviewed by Heather Spears Laurie D. GrahamRove Reviewed by Danielle Janess Leanne SimpsonIslands of Decolonial Love: Stories and Songs. Reviewed by Marilyn Dumont Lola Lemire TostevinSinged Wings Reviewed by rob mclennan Luke HathawayAll the Daylight Hours Reviewed by Jenny Haysom Maleea AckerAir-Proof Green Reviewed by Al Rempel Marc Di SaverioSanatorium Songs Reviewed by Darren Bifford Niki KoulourisThe Sea with no one in it Reviewed by E Martin Nolan Pamela PorterLate Moon Reviewed by Barbara Myers Peter RichardsonBit Parts for Fools Reviewed by Harold Rhenisch Rachel LebowitzCottonopolis Reviewed by Emily McGiffin Ricardo SternbergSome Dance Reviewed by Jim Johnstone Richard GreeneDante’s House Reviewed by Peter Richardson Richard NormanZero Kelvin Reviewed by Rachael Wyatt Robin Richardson’Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis Reviewed by Margaret Christakos Stephen ScobieAt the limit of breath: Poems on the films of Jean-Luc Godard Reviewed by Kimmy Beach Tanis RideoutArguments with the Lake Reviewed by Nico Mara-McKay Tim BowlingCirca Nineteen Hundred and Grief Reviewed by Jean Van Loon Vancy KasperRebel Women Reviewed by Katerina Fretwell VariousAustralian Love Poems 2013 Reviewed by Rona Shaffran bpNicholOrgan Music Reviewed by rob mclennan

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Adeena KarasickThis Poem Reviewed by rob mclennan Allan SafarikFamous Roadkill Reviewed by rob mclennan Amber DawnHow Poetry Saved My Life Reviewed by Jennifer Delisle Asa BoxerSkullduggery Reviewed by Lise Gaston Brad CranInk on Paper Reviewed by Darren Bifford Brenda SchmidtGrid Reviewed by Tanis MacDonald C.R. Avery38 Bar Blues Reviewed by Priscila Uppal Chris HutchinsonA Brief History of the Short-Lived Reviewed by Paul Tyler Christine McNairConflict Reviewed by Margaret Christakos Clea RobertsHere is Where We Disembark Reviewed by Brenda Leifso David GroulxA Difficult Beauty Reviewed by Shane Rhodes David SeymourFor Display Purposes Only Reviewed by Christopher Doda Dina E. Coxsmall flames Reviewed by Heather Spears Donato ManciniYou Must Work Harder to Write the Poetry of Excellence Reviewed by andrea bennett Dwayne BrennaStealing Home Reviewed by Norma Dunning Eleonore SchönmaierWavelengths of Your Song Reviewed by Jean Van Loon Emily McGiffinBetween Dusk and Night Reviewed by Rod Pederson Erín MoureThe Unmemntioable Reviewed by Michael LaPointe George SeferisCollected Poems Reviewed by Christopher Doda Jacqueline TurnerThe Ends of the Earth Reviewed by Margaret Christakos Jamie SharpeAnimal Husbandry Today Reviewed by rob mclennan Jan ConnEdge Effects Reviewed by Jean Van Loon Jason HerouxNatural Capital Reviewed by Rod Pederson Jenna ButlerWells Reviewed by Jennifer Delisle Jenny SampirisiCroak Reviewed by Daniel Zomparelli John WingAlmost Somewhere Else Reviewed by Christopher Doda
Katherine BitneyFirewalk Reviewed by Ann Scowcroft Laurie KrukMy Mother Did Not Tell Stories Reviewed by Tiffany Moniz Linda BesnerThe Id Kid Reviewed by Rob Winger Lisa PasoldAny Bright Horse Reviewed by Stevie Howell Ludwig ZellerThe Rules of the Game Reviewed by Jesse Chase Mari-Lou RowleyUnus Mundus Reviewed by Alexis Motuz Mark Callanan & James Langer, ed.The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry Reviewed by Zachariah Wells Matthew TierneyProbably Inevitable Reviewed by Andrew Johnson Maureen Scott HarrisSlow Curve Out Reviewed by Alexis Motuz Morten SøndergaardA Step in the Right Direction Reviewed by Heather Spears Nancy HolmesThe Flicker Tree: Okanagan Poems Reviewed by Lise Gaston Natalie Zina WalschotsDOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains Reviewed by Christopher Doda Patrick WoodcockEcho Gods and Silent Mountains Reviewed by Christopher Doda Sarah de LeeuwGeographies of a Lover Reviewed by Emily McGiffin Stephen CollisTo the Barricades Reviewed by Andrew Vaisius Steven PriceOmens in the Year of the Ox Reviewed by Paul Tyler Stewart ColeQuestions in Bed Reviewed by Kel Pero Stuart RossYou Exist. Details Follow. Reviewed by Andrew Johnson Susan GillisThe Rapids Reviewed by Mark Lavorato Susan SteudelNew Theatre Reviewed by Harold Rhenisch Tom WaymanDirty Snow Reviewed by John Lent Victor ColemanivH: An Alphamath Serial Reviewed by rob mclennan Walid BitarDivide and Rule Reviewed by Zachariah Wells Weyman ChanChinese Blue Reviewed by rob mclennan rob mclennanSongs for little sleep Reviewed by John Lent

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