Submission Guide for Artwork

We are open to themed series of artworks from Canadian artists, as well as broader selections from an artist’s corpus. Please submit a selection of at least ten images for us to consider, and no more than twenty. We will choose up to ten pieces for publication, including two for use on front and back covers. Most often, only one artist is featured in each issue. (Please be sure your submission does not exceed the total memory size specified!).

  • No queries please; just send submission as outlined here
  • Include with your emailed submission a brief description of the artwork, media and brief biographical note (up to 50 words)
  • Arc will only accept art submissions by email in electronic format only
  • All files submitted should be in JPG in the body of the email, or attached in PDF format
  • Up to 20 JPG images, sized at 72 dpi and a maximum of 6″ wide, will fit in the body of one email
  • Submissions in an email over 5 megs will not be accepted
  • Please have ready (but do not include in submission) the original images at a resolution of at least 300 dpi

All artwork accepted for publication in Arc may appear in the magazine up to 12 months after selection (we will notify you if plans change). Upon acceptance, Arc will then ask for selected images at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Selected artwork for use on the cover may be cropped to fit the layout of the magazine and preference in choice of image and cropping will be given to the aesthetics of the magazine. In certain cases and in consultation with the artist a detail of the chosen artwork may be used rather than the integral piece.

You will be paid at the rate of $40 per page upon publication and will also receive two free copies of the issue in which your work appears. With this acceptance, Arc secures First Canadian Rights. You may subsequently republish the above in any manner you choose without securing permission from Arc. We would, however, appreciate a published acknowledgment.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to incorporate your work into Arc.
Email submissions to: arc [at] arcpoetry [dot] ca

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