Submission Guide

For over 30 years, Arc has been publishing the best in contemporary poetry. Arc invites submissions from emerging and established poets.


General Notes:

  • Arc accepts unsolicited poetry manuscripts each year from September 1 to May 31.
  • Arc no longer accepts paper submissions.
  • Arc now accepts submissions using the online submission manager as seen below.


Poems, Reviews, Essays:

  • Arc accepts unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poems, on any subject, in any form, from September through May.
  • Manuscripts must not exceed 5 pages total.
  • Only one manuscript per poet will be accepted during each calendar year.
  • Arc publishes reviews, interviews, and articles on poetry and poetry-related subjects. Please query first as Arc seldom considers unsolicited prose manuscripts; ; submit pitches or ideas, including a brief description and an estimate of anticipated length, along with samples of previously published work.
  • Arc does not publish short stories or drama.
  • Arc publishes a limited amount of artwork in black and white and in colour by a single artist or photographer in each issue, including on the front and back covers, and on up to eight inside plates.
  • Manuscripts must be typed and single spaced (double spaces will be interpreted as blank lines). Include your name and address on each page.
  • Arc will respond to unsolicited submissions of poetry, artwork, and article queries within four to six months. Arc can’t promise to respond to inquiries regarding the status of submissions before the completion of this editorial cycle.


Artists: Please see Submission Guide for Artwork


Please note: This submission platform does not accept poems in batches. Each poem must be submitted separately with the poet’s biography. Please DO NOT submit several poems grouped in a single document. To save retyping the same bio and cover notes for each poem, we recommend you create them in an offline text document, and paste them in when called for by the uploader. Your individually submitted poems will be treated as a grouped manuscript once they have been submitted.

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