It’s official: Poetry-in-a-box coming to schools across Canada


Whether you are one of the 55 amazing donors to our Indiegogo campaign or you are one of the hundreds of people who helped spread the word through your own social networks, everyone here at Arc Poetry owes you our thanks.

It’s our first attempt at crowd-sourcing through social media, and it was a thrilling ride for us, cheering every donation and getting a warm glow with every “like” you gave us on Facebook.

And while we didn’t meet our goal, we did raise enough to get see to it that teachers across the country will soon be receiving a new generation of poetry — and the teaching resources to go with it — to share with their students.

Who knows how far these ripples in the pond will spread, but here at Arc it’s our hope that once school boards and administrators see how the subject *can* be taught, they will agree that it might just be high time to reboot the way we teach our children about poetry in Canada.

So to everyone that helped us spread the word far and wide, again – thank you!

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