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Our poets at Rest: Canadian poets' gravesites

Welcome to Arc’s Canadian poets’ gravesites project. Which is also your project, should you wish to take it up. Visit often, as we build on this page a rich, visual archive of the final resting places of Canadian poets, those who left us the legacy of their words, and whose writings continue to form the foundation from which writers work. This initiative is inspired by the Poets’ Pathway project in Ottawa, a new, 34-kilometre walking route that traces the capital’s literary heritage and culminates in Beechwood Cemetery, the final resting place of many celebrated Canadian poets, including John Newlove and Confederation poet Archibald Lampman, the namesake of our annual award for the best book by an Ottawa poet.

For details on how to submit to the poets’ graves archive, click here.

For more information about how the project began, click here.

The Archive


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