Susan Musgrave

Voices / Voix Podcast: Episode 5

Susan Musgrave and Isadora Mota Pinheiro with the Voices Podcast logo

Voices Podcast brings you another new English episode!

Voices Podcast (or Voix Podcast) is a bilingual podcast from Arc Poetry Magazine and Poetry In Voice / les Voix de la poésie. The first season will have 4 English episodes, 2 French episodes and 1 bilingual episode.

Voices Podcast (or Voix Podcast) or est un balado bilingue né d’une collaboration entre Arc Poetry Magazine et les Voix de la poésie / Poetry In Voice. Cette première saison comprendra quatre épisodes en anglais, deux en français et un bilingue.

Author of over 30 books—poetry, novels, non-fiction, cookbooks and more—Susan Musgrave joins semifinalist Isadora Mota Pinheiro and host Meagan Black to discuss writing and not writing; addictions and overdoses; and using poetry to communicate, rebel and survive.

Question:” is a poem written as part of a poetic voiceover for the art documentary Heroines (2001), about sex workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which was commissioned by the director, Stan Feingold. The series of poems was also published in a number of places, including in Musgrave’s 2011 book Origami Dove.

This is an English episode and is Episode 5 of Voices / Voix Podcast.

L’épisode 5 du podcast Voices / Voix Podcast est en anglaise.


Susan-Musgrave in front of the beach and ocean, with hair loose, a large round blue necklace, and a blue-green shirt

Susan Musgrave has published more than 30 books and received awards in six categories — poetry, novels, non-fiction, food writing, editing and books for children. She lives on Haida Gwaii. Her most recent books are Origami Dove (poetry); Given (fiction); My Love is for You (children’s) and A Taste of Haida Gwaii: Food Gathering and Feasting at the Edge of the World (non-fiction.) [provided as the Diana Breb­ner Prize judge for 2020]

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