Daniela Elza

split ends

the moon gets impatient
when full
starts shifting

time is a point .weightless.
sharp as a pin.

I walk the tips. leave a moment
for someone behind
to step in.
to be in two moments
at the same time
is to bleed twice.


I sell my hair at sunset.

miss a heart-beat.
jump in. invisible to the hours.
leave a hole in time.

Dali is here melting the hands
and faces off clocks.

point-less. time —
pinned to the mind.


a little girl told me once
the sky opens the dawn by dying
(at least I thought that’s what she said.)

I bleed twice.

the moon dives into my missed heartbeat.
while precision starts counting my hair

my split ends.


Daniela Elza’s latest poetry collections are the broken boat (2020) & slow erosions (2020)—a chapbook written in collaboration with poet Arlene Ang. Daniela is the recipient of the 2024 Colleen Thibaudeau Award for Outstanding Contribution to Poetry. Her latest poetry collection is forthcoming with McGill-Queen’s University Press in the Spring of 2025. [provided for the Arc Award of Awesomeness in April 2024]

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