On ekphrasis, with Aislinn Hunter

This article appears in Open Book Toronto, Jan. 21, 2011.

What happens when two forms of art are bounced off one another? That’s what the 2011 Arc Poetry Magazine’s Poetry Annual 2011: Poet as Art Thief wanted to explore. This year, Arc celebrates ekphrasis — the representation of visual art within a literary work and vice-versa. Through a diverse series of poetry, art, essays and interviews, Canadian artists render a feast for the senses as they meditate on the place of art in poetry.

To get a better handle on what ekphrasis really is, Open Book will be profiling three contributors to this remarkable issue. Today, Arc Poetry Annual 2011 guest editor Aislinn Hunter tells us how visual art inspired her to write, and explains why she sees such rich possibilities in the act of ekphrasis. READ MORE

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