Susan Gillis

Ocean Blue

out of the blue a sudden squall

		out of which blue?

out of ocean blue

		which ocean was this?

it wasn’t an ocean it was an inland lake

		what then made it ocean blue?

the creatures welling up in it I didn’t know what they were

		and were those creatures blue?

they were fire they were the blue of fire

		and what is the blue of fire?

the blue of fire is the part of fire we don’t see

		if not by sight how do you know it?

you know it as the hot squall that blinds you to yourself


Photo of Susan Gillis in front of a white background. Susan is wearing a blue-grey shirt, and resting her chin on her closed hand. Susan is looking at the camera with a smile.

Susan Gillis’s most recent book is Yellow Crane (Brick Books, 2018), a meditation on ecologies of place, writing, and desire. A member of the collaborative group Yoko’s Dogs, Susan also works as an editor and mentor.

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